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We are busy curating the Finest Cannabis in Florida and beyond for you. The best buds, nugs, pot, weed, cannabis, kush, etc for you...All LEGAL MJ and MMJ dispensaries & MMTC's (Florida) will deliver it discreetly and directly to your door or you can pick it up ready to go! We are web developing and planting our sales seeds (marketing) day and night for you...Please standby, check back soon and add your email to our list vayahealth AT gmail dot COM and let us know what you and your Doctor desire? Thank you X3!!!

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  • Flowers
    Cannabis Sativa & Indica Marijuana Flowers Delivery
  • Concentrates
    THC CBD Vape Catridges, Rosin, Wax, Shatter, Crumble, Hash, Dab
  • Edibles
    THC CBD Gummy Bears POT Cookies Brownies Candy Tinctures
  • Accessories
    Wraps Rolling Papers Pipes Bongs Rigs Glass Torch Grinders
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Accept electronic payments from your clients NOW. Payments that can flow into your POS (Point of Sale) as a new digital form of payment. We got the backend Bank for you too. 100% LEGAL = you will not have this electronic form of payment shut down.

  • 25 Financial Institutions in the USA
  • No Fees to Customers or the Dispensary
  • 18-20% Higher Ticket Sizes
  • Faster Checkout Times
  • 28% prefer to pay mobile
  • Cash Free
  • Captive

ATTENTION: US Dispensaries & FL (MMTCs)

ACCEPT Electronic Payments Now Fee Free

ADD a new Revenue Stream with patients / clients who are looking for Marijuana delivery and pickup options in your area now…our list grows daily! Call or text Papa G at 305 305 3182 soonest for details on how to receive digital payments and/or to display your Dispensary’s menu dynamically on our site to drive new sales straight to your store. All Sales and transactions are done on YOUR SIDE. We are solely a Marketing and Tech Co. Thank you very much for what you do! Contact us to collaborate.

Medical Marijuana Delivery = Marijuana to you! = Marijuana to you!

We consolidate LEGAL MARIJUANA in one place…your fingertips!

Florida First. Medical Patients here in Florida will be able to choose from their favorite MMTC s live menus and schedule a discreet delivery or pick up of their favorite THC Flowers, cartridges, vape, tinctures, topical creams, suppositories etc. Cannabis from the confines of your very own CASA & Computer. We will introduce a payment app which will enable Patients to pay fee free directly from their bank account to the Dispensary (or pay cash) and it is likewise Fee Free for Dispensaries to receive electronic payments for their products.

MMJDOX,com will market Medical Marijuana Drs. who can provide patients with their initial evaluations and follow up required visits. will be coming to other states very soon. Get on our mailing list. Send a note with either “Patient or Dispensary” in the subject line to >> vayahealth @ gmail dot com We got you!

Medical Marijuana Delivered Discreetly to your home

Our dispensary is trusted worldwide and throughout the Universe...

Florida MMTC’s & US Marijuana Dispensaries who want to scale their M/MJ sales should contact us immediately to integrate your menus into our site LIVE. You only pay us if we successfully send you sales > PERIOD! All sales will be tracked by our POT Payment Platform that will enable all of our MJ2U Patients to pay you Fee Free from their Bank Account. US Dispensaries and Florida MMTCs can likewise receive payments Fee Free with this MJ Payment App. Higher Ticket Sizes and Faster Checkouts. We track the cash sales we send you too. The payment platform cannot be shut down because it is 100% LEGAL form of Payment and does not ride on the Visa/MC Rails.

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Happy patients improved well-being
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