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About MJ2U.COM

MJ2U.COM = Marijuana to YOU

It is really that simple. We curate and consolidate the finest cannabis and make it available to you in one very easy and convenient place…your fingertips. Gone are the days of driving 20 minutes only to find out your favorite MMJ spot is out of your favorite brand, strain, vape or worse yet, flower all together! Been there done that…then 20 minutes more to another dispensary to get the same story. No more stress because you can order online & in your underwear (optional)…the only thing we will be watching are your orders. Standby while we connect you to the finest cannabis. Collaborate now thru our Contact Page.

  • 100% Natural
    With so many strains and so little stigma, isn't it time you tried for yourself?
  • Free shipping
    For orders of a certain dollar amount as per each vendor. We will strive to find fee free delivery solutions for you however there will be a TBA minimum order size.
  • Certified
    Certified & Tested by THC % and STRAIN % in all US States Where Legal
  • Marijuana Tech Consolidator
    We market Dispensaries throughout the USA and soon the World. Indica, Sativa, Hybrids and more delivered discreetly to your door & legally.

Special offer for dispensaries

Let MJ2U.COM drive sales straight to your stores. It will be like having a new store front without the cost! All we do is send you Sales. We can also set you up with a Legal Electronic Payment App. which can interface directly with your Point of Sale (POS). Connect with us Now to learn exactly how! Text or call Papa G @ 305 305 3182

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