Most people have heard of the wonders of Dutch Coffee shops selling grams of Marijuana and Hashish alongside their Cafe Lattes and Espressos. Amsterdam, Holland and the rest of the Netherlands have given the world the middle finger for decades when it comes to Cannabis Prohibition.

“Spain is quickly becoming the new and improved version of Amsterdam with their Cannabis Associations many of which offer beer and wine (no booze) in addition to cafe, grams of good ganja & hashish”… Papa G

Marijuana and Medicine

Germany is opening up…more soon > Stay tuned!

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As the pendulum swings back hard against Marijuana Prohibition, Europe takes a front seat at the show. Italy has CBD and low dose Hemp shops all over Rome, Are they in preparation for the inevitable? We will be doing a country by country analysis in the weeks to come…so stay tuned. is always looking for good stories to share with our readers so please feel free to forward us any and all pertinent info. Writers and Journalists and Johnny on the Spots are likewise welcome to submit articles for consideration. vayahealth AT gmail DOT com

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Marijuana

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