The cannabis culture that continues to captivate America is on fire! It all started…again…back in 1996 when California passed the first Medical Marijuana law in the country. Fast forward to Summer 2020 and we have lost count how many states have legalized the Natural Mystic Herb in some form or fashion.

New strains are being fused and farmed daily bringing the US new treatments and tastes. The infinite amount of flavors and flowers cultivated today can shatter one’s mind. If variety is the spice of life…then cannabis will provide you with a lifetime of exploring, in fact new strains do come out DAILY!

DABs are becoming the rage in the connoisseur cannabis community. The rosin, wax, shatter, crumble and hash are concentrated down to their essence and toked or dabbed through a water pipe like bong known as a Rig. It is heated with a torch or an electronic heating element. This form of vaping will provide you with a powerful and delicious tasting dose of THC vapor. WOW!

Vape Cartridges / Vape Pens are an easy and discreet way to get you Meds on. There are many flavors and strains to choose from. Some do not taste very good, others taste like a dream come true. If you are new to the game remember this Trinity of Info = There are only 3 main categories of strains.

Sativa = Makes you Paranoid due to 75 years of Prohibition aka Creative, alert, active, alive DAY WEED

Indica = Makes you want to go to sleep or veg…that’s what it’s supposed to do aka appetite inducer, pain and mind numbing strain NIGHT WEED

Hybrid = Makes you groovy aka infinite crosses of the above two main strains DAY & NIGHT WEED

“Every strain is a new creation…and some MJ strains are true Masterpieces! The more research collectively conducted the more we learn which herbs can cure / treat / aid certain orders and illnesses”…  Papa G

Marijuana and Medicine

The jury is out. 25 years of Medical Marijuana in California (and for thousands of years prior to prohibition) & now in many other states of this great nation prove that cannabis is once AGAIN becoming the preferred method of the people to treat what ills them.

  • Flowers
  • Concentrates Vape DAB
  • Edibles / Tinctures
  • Topicals / Suppositories

Cannabis Sativa in all its’ glorious strains is catching on as an alternative to the Big Pharma options that may not be working well for you. It may be time to explore ALL your options. There is no more shame in the POT game!

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Marijuana

Girl Scout Cookies = a delicious and famous strain

Gorilla Glue = a delicious and famous strain

Gelato = a delicious and famous strain

Grandaddy Purple = a delicious and famous strain

Green Crack = a delicious and famous strain

Those are only 5 of our favorite MJ Flower flavors from the letter G!

Marijuana news, articles and information

Food, Wines, Flowers, Beverages and Vape are all available to you in a huge variety of flavors and brands at all sorts of price points. THC, CBD & Terpines all play an important part in this magical plant. Marijuana and Cannabis are “the healing of our nation”…quote by Bob Marley.

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