Any LEGAL Marijuana Dispensary or Cannabis Delivery Company and All Florida MMTC’s who would like to work with to drive new and significant revenues straight to your door should contact Papa G immediately. Get on board early and get preferential placement on our site. You do not pay us unless we send you sales PERIOD! We are web dev-ing day and night and will soon be integrating a digital / electronic POT Payment Platform (100% Legal) does not go down which we can also integrate into most Cannabis POS systems and we can also get you a Financial Institution with whom you can actually BANK & without fear. Yeah YOU WANNA TALK TO ME PAPA G!
We can set up an API to display your menu live on our site so when you make an update it will automatically display live on and the dozens of other sites we control. Get in on the ground floor with us..because we are very grateful.
Interested Parties email: vayahealth AT gmail dot COM

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